Version 1.0


VimDropper opens files and folders in vim using drag-and-drop in Mac OS X. Files are opened in vim buffers in the first tab, then directories are opened in additional tabs with the NERDTree plugin toggled on.

Requires the NERDTree plugin for VIM:

I also suggest using a buffer tab plugin such as TabBar:

Note: A similar application named vimdrop was previously created by Paul Gorman. Though the two programs do similar things, vimdropper is not associated with Paul Groman’s earlier vimdrop.

Installation and use

Drag vimdropper to your Applications folder or somewhere on your Mac. I recommend then placing vimdropper in your dock for easy drag-and-drop access. Download NERDTree and, optionally, TabBar then place the plugin .vim files in ~/.vim/plugin/ to install them.

Here are the options I use in my ~/.vimrc that pertain to vimdropper, NERDTree, and TabBar (none are required for vimdropper to work properly):

set hidden "preserves vim session (undo, etc) when switching buffers

"NERDTree file browser
let NERDTreeIgnore=['\.vim$', '\~$', '\.pyc$', '\.o$']
let NERDTreeWinPos='left'
nmap <leader>d :NERDTreeToggle<CR> "map opening/closing of tree to to \d

"switch TabBar buffer tabs with F1 and F2
noremap <f1> :bprev<CR>
noremap <f2> :bnext<CR>